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Tempus - Climate system


tempus is a climate system for games that have the advantage of being easy to use, compact and powerful. It is quite customizable, your code is easy to understand. Liven up your game with an immersive environment with low resource consumption


their characteristics are: 
- day and night cycle,
- You can handle in 12 hours or 24 hours.
- It shows the temperature according to the height at which you find
- controls the ambient sound if it is day or night,
- It generates its own ocean, with its own underwater effects
- controls the ocean tide based on the position of the sun
- storms generated and controlled through random numbers or manually 
- controls the wind affecting the trees of the land, clouds and dust
- controls the thickness of the fog.


Tempus may be changed in the future in some way this manual, note that this asset is designed to facilitate the design giving a good base from which, generated designs can be simple, because this tool was focused on performance.

How to use

Tellus includes GlobalFog.cs modified, Fast Effects.cs, Ambient Control.cs and the main Tempus.cs which is used to explain how


Tempus has 6 sections: Ambient, Fog, Time, Wind, Weather & Ocean Night.




Color Day and Night: it is a gradient that allows control color in the course of the day.

curve sun intensity: can control the minimum and maximum intensity during the day.

intensity environment curve: controls the minimum and maximum values ​​of the environment in the course of the day

minimum.intensity: refines the intensity of the sun environment.

low of refines the intensity of ambient




Day Night Fog Color:  it is the color of the fog during the day fog.

Fog density curve: fog density during the day simulating moisture from lack of sunlight

atmospheric thickness curve: value used by the procedural skybox default unity.

fog scale: increase the current density curve to increase the effect, but is almost unnecessary if you control well density curve




reference: uses the position of a camera a central axis for rotation of the sun and moon, to focus the effects of rain, environmental sound effects, the ocean between other

Time text: adds an optional text to represent on screen the current time.

Start Real Time: starting the clock to the current time on your computer hours.

format 12: represents the time up twelve hours adding AM and PM if checked but leave the 24 hour format

Simulate. allows the clock and the sun move, otherwise it will leave the static conditions hour.

Seconds per hour: this value increases the number of seconds equals one hour thus lengthening the cycle of day

moon size: modifies the size of the moon.



Wind Strength: is the wind as you increase the percentage of storm, it is easier to configure increase the percentage of storm 100%



list of excluded scenes: the names of the scenes in this list will cause the climate is not activated and light sun, is designed for closed as caves or dungeons scenes.

random weather: Enabling this option allows the system increase the percentage of storm randomly.

Smooth. a low number makes the transition between the percentage of current storm and the following is made more natural.

Temperature text: displays the temperature value for the reference object, based on the percentage of storm, time of day and the height at which is the reference.




Ocean Level: is the ocean level represented in meters.

maximum tide level: the tide is at its peak when the moon is at its highest point,can control the maximum level at which the tide rises.

Tile size: it is the mesh resolution ocean, a lower value adds more grids but also spends more resources, and a lower value improves performance but remains much detail.

Underwater speed: increases the speed at which raises distortion effect image Fast effects.

Underwater distortion: increases the distortion of the image effect Fast effects

Underwater Color: change the color of the underwater effect



Sun: homing the position of the sun to switch the sounds of day or night

Reference: takes the position of the camera to position the sound to give the illusion of being in a different location only using the same object.

Minimum level:  should be taken as the ocean level.

Maximum level:  should be taken as the maximum height of the terrain .

Ambients: list of environmental sounds day and night, the higher the number in the list, more height from the reference point.

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