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This is a sample of that is in development



This is just a useful tool for those who develop to see the capabilities of the target team and have some awareness of the device for which they plan to design


September 5, 2012

This is a small project done in a game jam that lasted 24 hours, it is a simple 2D game where an exorcist priest fights against demons using 5 blessed items. the goal is to keep the demons away from you for a limited time to collect these objects and activate the pillar of the center

Phantom Thread (Maniac Paradise). sujeto a cambios

February 25, 2018

A retired ex-soldier embodies the body of a cyborg in a distant future, where a robot army has seized an abandoned island, to extract a nuclear mineral, its mission is to unravel a story full of deceptions and conspiracies, to free high hostages category and stop the development of a weapon of mass destruction.

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