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Mobile Friendly Image FX

Fast Effects, is an image effect for unity that contains several camera effects commonly used in the development of video games all together in one in order to save resources and maintain a decent performance.


This has dirt of lens, tint, vignette, refraction and light bounce, easy to use and that will give your game that professional touch you are looking for.


This demo tests the performance of some mobile image effects, this demo is designed for virtual reality with cardboard.

The performance is penalized on mobile by several factors, firstly the resolution of the screen, in virtual reality, the use of cameras to represent each eye is expensive, the amount of instructions, the number of passes and the textures used.

Each effect was designed in using only one pass, it was thought using a single camera instantiating the view, modifying the UV coordinates to obtain the stereoscopic effect and finally using the least amount of textures and the least amount of instructions but keeping the same functionality.

How does it work

Include this script to your camera and change the values as you wish, this asset comes with everything you need to put it to work


Access to the variables by code, I suggest you use ink to change the color depending on the mood, for that you have the color guide of eva geller in my blog, which can help you manipulate the mood of the players using the psychological color and helping to empathize the player with the story

vignette in the same way as the previous one you can use it to make the player feel frustration or fear, this effect is very common in horror games or in cyberpunk or psychological stories

refraction use it for the effect of being under water or extreme heat

and lens dirt and bloom are to give more realism and aesthetics to the environment, you can use the lens dirt to represent moisture as well as the bloom effect, you can use it to transmit humidity or cold.

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