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Trees & Bushes Pack

A very broad pack of trees, contains all kinds of plants, shrubs, cactus, aquatic, tropical, jungle plants, dry trunks, leaf particles and butterflies.


It was designed for the development of mobile or low-income games, it contains the vertices painted to simulate the affectation by the movement of the wind and they share a single texture and a single material, it has a unity double-sided shader, a movement function of vertices and a shading for a single directional light, this allows better performance and more volume.


for more information visit my page.


29,173 vertices

14,628 faces

25,007 tris

117 objects

1 material,

1 texture atlas,

1 file,

full optimized for games

Here is an example of how these trees look

How does it work

Unpack this pack on your graphic engine and use it as you like


This pack has been tested on webGl and avvio 786 android

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