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Aliquam - Enviroment Loops

Aliquam is a pack of 74 professionally recorded sounds for common environments in the development of video games, which includes sound of winds, seas, rain, caves, beaches, jungles, deserts, forests, storms and environmental sound in general.


  • 5 sounds of caves.

  • 6 common sounds.

  • 5 sounds dungeon.

  • 6 sounds of forest.

  • 4 sounds islands.

  • 5 sounds of standard environments.

  • 16 sounds varied environments.

  • 2 sounds river.

  • 8 Storm sounds at different levels.

  • 7 sounds of village.

  • 5 sounds of wind according to their strength.

  • 5 sounds winter.

Each category has sound sound day and night .

How does it work

Unpack this pack on your project and use it as you like


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