Dejo a disposición algunas herramientas para desarrolladores de videojuegos móviles o cualquier dispositivo de bajos recursos.

October 21, 2017


Prefs Utilities is a group of classes focused on increasing the functionality of the class EditorPrefs and PlayerPrefs in unity. Increasing the types of data available, encrypting and managing them. 

The types of data you can save are:

float[], int[], string[], 
bool, bool[], 
Vector2, Vector2[], 
Vector3, Vector3[], 
Vector4, Vector4[], 
Quaternion, Quaternion[], 
Matrix4x4, Matrix4x4[], 
Bounds, Bounds[], 
Rect, Rect[] 

-Uses AES-256 encryption.

-Creates string type keys and converts them to the required data type so as not to generate unnecessary keys 

-Easy creation of other script-based data types

-Secure your user data

July 15, 2016


It is a dynamic occlusion system focused on objects that are moving, friendly with unity static occlusion system, fully automated, low memory consumption and high performance.


skip configurations tedious and long waits when baking Compatible with Unity 4.5 free and pro - Unity 5- compatible for Mobile

- Etc not need baking times, the components are managed automatically

* fully compatible with procedural scenes, build your scene on awake method

* easy to use, only assign a layer to DOS and uncheck the static gameobject checkbox

* Occlude lights, sounds,

-Strong-all--Strong- renderers and terrains Dynamic LOD: using only one component you can control multiple objects, you can set 3 LODs directly from your project, allowing cleaner and less memory consumption scenes.

November 01, 2016


some features of the Tempus Component for unity. tempus is a climate system for games that have the advantage of being easy to use, compact and powerful. It is quite customizable, your code is easy to understand.


Liven up your game with an immersive environment with low resource consumption their characteristics are:

- day and night cycle,

- You can handle in 12 hours or 24 hours.

- It shows the temperature according to the height at which you find

- controls the ambient sound if it is day or night,

- It generates its own ocean, with its own underwater effects

- controls the ocean tide based on the position of the sun

- storms generated and controlled through random numbers or manually

- controls the wind affecting the trees of the land, clouds and dust

- controls the thickness of the fog.

July 15, 2016


Tellus is a procedural terrain generator that uses the perlin noise algorithm to generate heights, position trees, details and objects, this powerful tool will help you create multiple terrains separated by scenes and then be loaded in an additive manner, giving you the feeling that you are inside of an open world.


It is an easy to use tool that will only take you 10 minutes to configure, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Tellus is a procedural terrain generator based on Perlin noise, creating various terrains as a grid separating them into 1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 8x8 seam up perfectly, each one a square size.

Able adding details and objects through some simple parameters. the feature that makes special is that separates you terrains in different scenes and configure for use with scene streamer, plus advance work with occlusion, the navmesh and global illumination.

Tellus can generate heights, to the mountains and the plains using Random.Seed and perlin to ensure the same repetition when using the same seed noise, it is also capable of generating the alpha Maps or splat maps based on the terrain inclinations time. also generates the details and trees, based on Perlin,

September 14, 2016


Aliquam is a pack of 74 professionally recorded sounds for common environments in the development of video games, which includes sound of winds, seas, rain, caves, beaches, jungles, deserts, forests, storms and environmental sound in general.

5 sounds of caves
6 common sounds
5 sounds dungeon
6 sounds of forest
4 sounds islands
5 sounds of standard environments
16 sounds varied environments
2 sounds river
8 Storm sounds at different levels
7 sounds of village
5 sounds of wind according to their strength
5 sounds winter
Each category has sound sound day and night 

July 15, 2016


Fast Effects, is an image effect for unity that contains several camera effects commonly used in the development of video games all together in one in order to save resources and maintain a decent performance.


This has dirt of lens, tint, vignette, refraction and light bounce, easy to use and that will give your game that professional touch you are looking for

October 21, 2017

A very broad pack of trees, contains all kinds of plants, shrubs, cactus, aquatic, tropical, jungle plants, dry trunks, leaf particles and butterflies.


It was designed for the development of mobile or low-income games, it contains the vertices painted to simulate the affectation by the movement of the wind and they share a single texture and a single material, it has a unity double-sided shader, a movement function of vertices and a shading for a single directional light, this allows better performance and more volume.


for more information visit my page

July 28, 2019

Group of trees and shrubs, in total 68 objects of which 27 are shrubs Trees of common English flora, which are found in the majority of video games by cultural influence.

  • has 3 textures bark diffuse, bark-normal, branches.

  • It has paint of vertices for the effect of wind.

  • ready for games and fully optimized.

  • optimized for mobile devices and vr.

  • ready for unity 3D and blender game engine

  • total: 120135 vertices /86143 faces /137651 triangles.

  • average: 1766 vertices /1266 faces /2024 triangles.

  • 3 textures 512x8 = 4096

  • 2 materials.

  • .blend = 5220KB

  • Grasses & branch.psd = 326104KB ==>. png = 42584KB 8192x8192px

  • BarkAtlas.psd diffuse + normal = 462507KB ==>.png = 37266KB 4096x4096px

August 19, 2019

Group of trees and shrubs, in total 231 objects of which there are shrubs and Trees of common flora for different biomas, which are found in the majority of video games by cultural influence.

  • has 4 textures bark diffusse, bark-normal, branches and branch normal.

  • It has paint of vertices for the effect of wind.

  • ready for games and fully optimized.

  • optimized for mobile devices and vr.

  • ready for unity 3D and blender game engine

total textures = 4 total materials = 2 total objects = 231

total vertices = 158740 total faces = 115683 total triangles = 163581

average vertices = 687 average faces = 501 average triangles = 708

4 textures 512x8 = 4096 2 materials. .blend = 5220KB BranchAtlas.psd = 326104KB ==>. png = 42584KB 4096x4096px BarkAtlas.psd diffuse + normal = 462507KB ==>.png = 37266KB 4096x4096px

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